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About Us

  • Photo By: Jake Buras, Tie Dye Shirts hanging in the Sierra Nevada Forest

    Where it all Began

    It all started on a camping trip to Dinkey Creek. A large group of about 50 friends and acquaintances get together every year and in 2021 we decided it was time to make some shirts!

  • Hi, Hello!

    Ellie and David can be seen here basking in the SoCal sun. They are an all star duo ready to take the textiles industry by storm.

  • You just booped Ziggy The Husky!


    Ziggy likes long walks on the beach and running away from waves, they are scary. You may have seen his likeness used for our logo. Aka Papa Woof.

  • Moose

    Moose is the Meownager, Chief Feline Officer, The Accountant, and Bitey Cuddler. Aka Moose Jones, she keeps this ship a float and all of its patron sane.

At Woof Dyes LLC,

we are artisan apparel dyers. We passionately create one of a kind pieces that are wearable works of art. Founders, Elizabeth and David, bring their fashion and art backgrounds to a collaborative collection. They are passionate about bringing new techniques for tying and dying to the apparel market. Rooted deeply in ancient techniques, as well as contemporary ones, Woof Dyes far exceed the conventional idea of what tie dye is.

We strive to provide each customer with a one of a kind hand dyed T-shirt that speaks to their most colorful self. We hope that when people look at our shirts, they feel a strong connection to the colors, the patterns, and the feelings they provoke. We aim to express love in every aspect of the business. From us as the makers to you as the wearers, we want you to feel the love that we tie and dye into our designs.